OpenStack Keystone如何同时开启V3和V2版本

[attach]98[/attach] 我们知道OpenStack 最新版本Newton,keystone是V3版本,由于之前存在V2版本的应用,如何同时兼容呢?主要需要操作以下四步: 1.获取domain ID
[root@openstack-control-node1 ~]# openstack domain list
| ID                               | Name    | Enabled | Description    |
| d0e436a913f94ec28f3a1892e0a7a240 | default | True    | Default Domain |
[root@openstack-control-node1 ~]# vim /etc/keystone/keystone.conf 

# From keystone

# This references the domain to use for all Identity API v2 requests (which are
# not aware of domains). A domain with this ID will be created for you by
# keystone-manage db_sync in migration 008. The domain referenced by this ID
# cannot be deleted on the v3 API, to prevent accidentally breaking the v2 API.
# There is nothing special about this domain, other than the fact that it must
# exist to order to maintain support for your v2 clients. (string value)
default_domain_id = d0e436a913f94ec28f3a1892e0a7a240
su -s /bin/sh -c "keystone-manage db_sync" keystone

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