beacon modulesΒΆ

adb Beacon to emit adb device state changes for Android devices
btmp Beacon to fire events at failed login of users
diskusage Beacon to monitor disk usage.
glxinfo Beacon to emit when a display is available to a linux machine
inotify Watch files and translate the changes into salt events
journald A simple beacon to watch journald for specific entries
load Beacon to emit system load averages
memusage Beacon to monitor memory usage.
network_info Beacon to monitor statistics from ethernet adapters
network_settings Beacon to monitor network adapter setting changes on Linux
pkg Watch for pkgs that have upgrades, then fire an event.
proxy_example Example beacon to use with salt-proxy
ps Send events covering service status
salt_proxy Beacon to manage and report the status of
service Send events covering service status
sh Watch the shell commands being executed actively.
twilio_txt_msg Beacon to emit Twilio text messages
wtmp Beacon to fire events at login of users as registered in the wtmp file