This module is a central location for all salt exceptions

exception salt.exceptions.AuthenticationError(message='')

If sha256 signature fails during decryption

exception salt.exceptions.AuthorizationError(message='')

Thrown when runner or wheel execution fails due to permissions

exception salt.exceptions.CommandExecutionError(message='', info=None)

Used when a module runs a command which returns an error and wants to show the user the output gracefully instead of dying

exception salt.exceptions.CommandNotFoundError(message='')

Used in modules or grains when a required binary is not available

exception salt.exceptions.EauthAuthenticationError(message='')

Thrown when eauth authentication fails

exception salt.exceptions.FileLockError(msg, time_start=None, *args, **kwargs)

Used when an error occurs obtaining a file lock

exception salt.exceptions.FileserverConfigError(message='')

Used when invalid fileserver settings are detected

exception salt.exceptions.GitLockError(errno, strerror, *args, **kwargs)

Raised when an uncaught error occurs in the midst of obtaining an update/checkout lock in salt.utils.gitfs.

NOTE: While this uses the errno param similar to an OSError, this exception class is not as subclass of OSError. This is done intentionally, so that this exception class can be caught in a try/except without being caught as an OSError.

exception salt.exceptions.LoaderError(message='')

Problems loading the right renderer

exception salt.exceptions.MasterExit

Rise when the master exits

exception salt.exceptions.MinionError(message='')

Minion problems reading uris such as salt:// or http://

exception salt.exceptions.NotImplemented(message='')

Used when a module runs a command which returns an error and wants to show the user the output gracefully instead of dying

exception salt.exceptions.PkgParseError(message='')

Used when of the pkg modules cannot correctly parse the output from the CLI tool (pacman, yum, apt, aptitude, etc)

exception salt.exceptions.PublishError(message='')

Problems encountered when trying to publish a command

exception salt.exceptions.SaltCacheError(message='')

Thrown when a problem was encountered trying to read or write from the salt cache

exception salt.exceptions.SaltClientError(message='')

Problem reading the master root key

exception salt.exceptions.SaltClientTimeout(msg, jid=None, *args, **kwargs)

Thrown when a job sent through one of the Client interfaces times out

Takes the jid as a parameter

exception salt.exceptions.SaltCloudConfigError(message='')

Raised when a configuration setting is not found and should exist.

exception salt.exceptions.SaltCloudException(message='')

Generic Salt Cloud Exception

exception salt.exceptions.SaltCloudExecutionFailure(message='')

Raised when too much failures have occurred while querying/waiting for data.

exception salt.exceptions.SaltCloudExecutionTimeout(message='')

Raised when too much time has passed while querying/waiting for data.

exception salt.exceptions.SaltCloudNotFound(message='')

Raised when some cloud provider function cannot find what's being searched.

exception salt.exceptions.SaltCloudPasswordError(message='')

Raise when virtual terminal password input failed

exception salt.exceptions.SaltCloudSystemExit(message, exit_code=1)

This exception is raised when the execution should be stopped.

exception salt.exceptions.SaltDaemonNotRunning(message='')

Throw when a running master/minion/syndic is not running but is needed to perform the requested operation (e.g., eauth).

exception salt.exceptions.SaltException(message='')

Base exception class; all Salt-specific exceptions should subclass this


Pack this exception into a serializable dictionary that is safe for transport via msgpack

exception salt.exceptions.SaltInvocationError(message='')

Used when the wrong number of arguments are sent to modules or invalid arguments are specified on the command line

exception salt.exceptions.SaltMasterError(message='')

Problem reading the master root key

exception salt.exceptions.SaltNoMinionsFound(message='')

An attempt to retrieve a list of minions failed

exception salt.exceptions.SaltRenderError(message, line_num=None, buf='', marker=' <======================', trace=None)

Used when a renderer needs to raise an explicit error. If a line number and buffer string are passed, get_context will be invoked to get the location of the error.

exception salt.exceptions.SaltReqTimeoutError(message='')

Thrown when a salt master request call fails to return within the timeout

exception salt.exceptions.SaltRunnerError(message='')

Problem in runner

exception salt.exceptions.SaltSyndicMasterError(message='')

Problem while proxying a request in the syndication master

exception salt.exceptions.SaltSystemExit(code=0, msg=None)

This exception is raised when an unsolvable problem is found. There's nothing else to do, salt should just exit.

exception salt.exceptions.SaltWheelError(message='')

Problem in wheel

exception salt.exceptions.TimedProcTimeoutError(message='')

Thrown when a timed subprocess does not terminate within the timeout, or if the specified timeout is not an int or a float

exception salt.exceptions.TokenAuthenticationError(message='')

Thrown when token authentication fails


Get human readable message from Python Exception