service is a virtual module that is fulfilled by one of the following modules:

Execution Module Used for
debian_service Debian Wheezy and earlier
freebsdservice FreeBSD-based OSes using service(8)
gentoo_service Gentoo Linux using sysvinit and rc-update(8)
launchctl Mac OS hosts using launchctl(1)
netbsdservice NetBSD-based OSes
openbsdservice OpenBSD-based OSes
rh_service RedHat-based distros and derivatives using service(8) and chkconfig(8). Supports both pure sysvinit and mixed sysvinit/upstart systems.
service Fallback which simply wraps sysvinit scripts
smf Solaris-based OSes which use SMF
systemd Linux distros which use systemd
upstart Ubuntu-based distros using upstart
win_service Windows

If Salt's OS detection does not identify a different virtual service module, the minion will fall back to using this basic module, which simply wraps sysvinit scripts.


Returns True if the specified service is available, otherwise returns False.

CLI Example:

salt '*' service.available sshd

Return a list of all available services

CLI Example:

salt '*' service.get_all

The inverse of service.available. Returns True if the specified service is not available, otherwise returns False.

CLI Example:

salt '*' service.missing sshd

Refreshes config files by calling service reload. Does not perform a full restart.

CLI Example:

salt '*' service.reload <service name>

Restart the specified service

CLI Example:

salt '*' service.restart <service name>, action)

Run the specified service with an action.

New in version 2015.8.1.

Service name.
Action name (like start, stop, reload, restart).

CLI Example:

salt '*' apache2 reload
salt '*' postgresql initdb

Start the specified service

CLI Example:

salt '*' service.start <service name>
salt.modules.service.status(name, sig=None)

Return the status for a service, returns the PID or an empty string if the service is running or not, pass a signature to use to find the service via ps

CLI Example:

salt '*' service.status <service name> [service signature]

Stop the specified service

CLI Example:

salt '*' service.stop <service name>